VASLeague is the most important Internet Tournament of the most famous, popular and complex tactical  wargame about WWII ever created: Advanced Squad Leader (ASL). VASLeague is played mainly via internet using VASL although ordinary face to face play is allowed when possible. VASL is the specific VASSAL module to play ASL on internet, either live or via email.

VASLeague is the home of competitive on-line ASL from 2007 and, since then, about 1800 VASL scenarios have been played under the tournament flag.

To learn more about Advanced Squad Leader  go to the Wikipedia page:


To learn more about VASL and VASSAL  go to the official VASSAL website: http://www.vassalengine.org/

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or contact us at: VASLeague@gmail.com

Tournament Rules are in the “Rules” section of this site.