In 2012 for the first time we attempted to softly  introduce the use of the webcam for dice rolls instead of the (in)famous VASL dicebot. It was an experiment that has been abandoned after one year of test.

Caesar makes its debut. Caesar is the program ( by Federico Corso) that  helps the TD for pairings and tables. No more hand-made excel files, but a quick assistant that instantly prepares everything… A big improvement still under development.

Janusz Maxe won the title beating in a memorable final game Gary Fortenberry. He’s the second European Player in six years to win the TOP VASLeague. Bruno Nitrosso won the European/Oceanian Minor League while Nathan Stapf and Bruce Childs won respectively the West/Central and the East Minor League. 122 Players from all the world played a total of 218 scenarios.

here are all results and scenarios played, round by round

Results TOP round 1 TOP Round 2 results Round 3 TOP results  TOP round 4 results TOP round 5 results

Results Euro Round 1 round 2 Euro results  round 3 Euro results Euro round 4 results  Euro round 5 results

Results East Round 1  round 2 East results  round 3 East results East round 4 results East round 5 results

Results West Cen Round 1 West-Cen Round 2 results round 3 West Central            West-Cen round 4 results West-Central round 5 results

And here are the final tables:

TOP 2012 final table

Euro 2012 final table

East 2012 final table

West-Central 2012 final table