In this year VASLeague experiences  a late start. Round one begins on the 1st March.  The format does not change. Just the schedule is slightly altered to fit the five rounds in nine months. So the start and lenght of the rounds is not the usual two-months per round for all rounds.

round 1 : 1 March – 15 April
round 2 : 16 April – 30 June
round 3 : 1 July – 31 – August
round 4 : 1 September – 15 October
round 5 : 16 October – 30 November ( round 5 is scheduled  for TOP VASLeague and Second Line League only)

As usual we have five leagues, with the standard number of players:

32 in the TOP VASLeague

16 in the European/Oceanian League

16 in the US-CAN  East/Central League

12 in the US-CAN  West League

and  61 in the Second Line League

For the first time your Tournament Director will get the precious help of two co-TD to manage the Second Line League, Paolo Cariolato and Federico Corso “Fredkors” that will cure the Second Line League

last update: 2.28.2019