In 2018 the usual VASLeague structure is confirmed. 32 players in the TOP VASLeague, 16 players in the European/Oceanian League, 16 in the US/Can East League and 12 in the US/CAN Central-West League. Plus 64 players coming from everywhere in the Second Line League desirous to make the jump to a superior level.

The great  new of the season is that new players can join the Second Line League after the second round. Late subscribers can still partecipate in  the Second Line League asking in April to join. So they will play the last three rounds ( May -June, July-Aug and Sep-Oct) and possibly, winning all three games,  also gain the pass to a Regional League.

All leagues start, as usual, on the 1st January and the last round closes on the 31th October.

The TOP VASLeague and the Second Line League have 5 two-months Rounds, the other three regional leagues only 4 Rounds, being their (last) 4th, fourmonths long (from July to October).







last update 12.31.2017