In this season makes its debut the new “Second Line League”, the new “basic” level of VASLeague gathering players from all time zones. the three Regional leagues have now  a fixed  number of players (16/16/12) and only four rounds. The TOP VASLeague and the new Second Line League still  mantain the classic five rounds format at 32 players. Then 112 players compete in the five leagues. 32 in the TOP, 16 in the EU/Oceanian League, 16 in the US/Can East League, 12 in the US/Can West-Central League and 36 in the Second Line League.

Gary Fortenberry won his fourth title beating Kenneth Young in the final.

Chris Mazzei, Jim Taylor and Dave Perham won their respective Regional Leagues

Jas Bal won the first Second Line League of the history. Jas with  Bendazzi, Martinez Vicca, Chapman, Willow, Routh and Haasl replace the players relegated or cancelled in the main leagues

TOP L Round 1 results

TOP L Round 2 results

TOP L Round 3 results

TOP L Round 4 results

TOP L Round 5 results

TOP L final table

European-Oceanian L Round 1 Results

European-Oceanian L Round 2 Results

European-Oceanian L Round 3 Results

European-Oceanian L Round 4 Results

European-Oceanian L Final Table

US-Can East L Round 1 Results

US-Can East L Round 2 Results

US-Can East L Round 3 Results

US-Can East L Round 4 Results

US-Can East L final table

US-Can West- Central L Round 1 results

US-Can West- Central L Round 2 results

US-Can West- Central L Round 3 results

US-Can West- Central L Final Table

SLL Round 1 Results

SLL Round 2 Results

SLL Round 3 Results

SLL Round 4 Results

SLL Round 5 Results

SLL final table

Last update: 12.16.2016