VASLeague 2015 has 113 players, 32 in the TOP, 28 in the European Oceanian League, 36 in the US/Can East League and 18 in the US/Can West-Central League.
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Carl Nogueira won with a perfect 5-0 the title beating among the others Fortenberry and Lauger. Kenneth Young wins the East League coming back in the TOP after just a couple of years while Roundhill and Le Billan won their respective Leagues

Last update 12.24.2015.

TOP VASLeague round 1 results

TOP VASLeague round 2 results

TOP VASLeague round 3 results

TOP VASLeague round 4 results

TOP VASLeague round 5 results

TOP VASLeague final table

Europa-Oceania round 1 results

Europa-Oceania round 2 results

Europa-Oceania round 3 results

Europa-Oceania round 4 results

Europa-Oceania round 5 results

Europa-Oceania final table

US -Can East round 1 results

US -Can East round 2 results

US – Can East round 3 r

US -Can East round 4 results

US -Can East round 5 results

US-Can East final table

US-Can West- Central round 1 results

US-Can West- Central round 2 results

US-Can West- Central round 3 results

US-Can West- Central round 4 results

US-Can West- Central round 5 results

US-Can West Central final table