VASLeague, Twelve Years

In primo piano

Welcome to the VASLeague tournament now at its 12° edition. You can find information about the Leagues and the tournaments  on these pages in addition to a historical record of past seasons;  you’ll also find testimonials and a hall of fame.

Season 2018 is  underway! 140 (one hundred forty)  players are  playing in  the various Leagues.  Season 2018 begins  ends on the 31th October.

For the first time there is the chance to join VASLeague subscribing the Second Line League in April to play the last three rounds: Maj-June (Round 3), July-August (Round 4) and September-October (Round 5). So you do not have to wait 2019 to join.

To see the results of the past seasons please click the links on the right.

To see the results of the current season  please click the “2018″ link

Comments and discussions about the league are found on Game Squad


last update 12.31.17