VASLeague 2014, eight years of the Advanced Squad Leader internet tournament

Welcome to all VASLeaguers and casual visitors of the VASLeague official  web site.

This is the place where I record permanently everything about VASLeague.

It’s not a blog; it’s not a forum; no registration is required or asked; it’s just a webiste where I store data  and results; I try to keep memory of what happens and has happened in VASLeague.

You can find here:

1)   A quick presentation of VASLeague;

2 ) Results and tables of all past VASLeague tournaments ( from 2007 to 2013);

3)  Tournament  Rules and the updated results and tables for the current season (2014);

4) An hall of fame section with all the winners of our loved tournament;

5) A few stats about playings and results year by year;

6) An interview with the VASLeague winners of the past

More could be added later.

Comments about games, playings, wins, losses, the tournament in general  and suggestions to improve VASLeague and/or  its site should be posted in the Game Squad forum. I think it’s better if VASLeague holds its space there leaving this web site just for players checking results and other  VASL/ASL  curious.

and now into the VASLeague…